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Either I don't know how to use the controller or I don't understand what's going on. I have a B4XFloatTextField in numbers mode. Until now it works perfect. I made a test record with 10 numbers and recorded it in the database. Then, as a test, I wanted to make a change to the value, and here I don't understand what happens.
When I get to ten 10 characters again it returns the previously recorded value. Regardless of what I type.

I recorded 1234567890

I want to change to

When it reaches the 10 number it shows in the control


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This is not the expected behavior. It sounds like a bug / non-standard behavior of your soft keyboard.
B4XFloatTextField = EditText + extra features. Setting the keyboard type sets EditText.InputType to numbers mode. It isn't expected to limit the text length.
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Dear Erel, Thank you for your usual attention. After much research what was happening I realized that I was using the wrong data type. Instead of using a Long I was using an Int. When I typed a value above the limit of the int it returned the highest value that the int supports. Parsing error on my part.
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Dear Erel,
In this case, it is a function that performs a treatment on integer numbers, but it took me a while to realize that some of these numbers exceeded the limit of the Int type. However, Long meets the requirement. Even so, thank you for your attention.
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