Android Example RDC - Simple way to create your own back-end database

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Remote Database Connector (RDC) is a middleware web server that allows you to easily connect your Android app to any type of remote database server.
Usually you will use it with a database server (MySQL, DB2, etc...).

However you can also use RDC without a database server. Instead you can use a SQLite database file. In that case the database server is not needed.

This is done with sqlite-jdbc driver. This is an open source project that provides a JDBC driver for SQLite databases.

You can download the driver here (sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar):

  1. Copy the jar file to the jdbc_driver folder.
  2. Set the following lines in (change the path to your database file):
  3. SQLite doesn't support concurrent writings. So it is better to limit the connection pool to a single connection. This means that if there are multiple requests at parallel they will wait for the previous transaction to complete.
    To limit the connection pool you need to edit and add:

You can use a tool such as SQLite Expert to open the database and administrate it:
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