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My friend showed me his Samsung S10+ and when a notification shows, it has a lighting effect that moves around the screen.

I understand this is something Samsung has done to show this when a notification shows, however I am wanting to show something very similar in my app no matter what phone my app is running on. I was hoping to do it in B4A (and B4i as well).

I am wanting to make it so that if you tap on a button it will show this animation, and not when a notification shows.

I am happy for it to only happen when my app is open / showing on the screen. I was hoping for a choice of red, blue or green.

Is there a way of creating the same effect in B4A (and B4i) ?

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Here is a link to the image showing the effect I am after:


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I think you missed the question.

It is working fine on Samsung devices from what I can see, since Samsung devices support it.

I was hoping there is an easy way in doing this effect in B4X so it will work on any device (like Pixel, LG, Sony etc) and not just Samsung devices.

I understand it won't work on non-Samsung devices, but I was hoping we could make the same effect in B4X using a custom view. Not sure where to start on it.

I installed the following app on my Nexus5x and it's doing the effect I want, but not sure how to do it in B4A (and B4i).

I want to do the same thing in my app but when I press a button:


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Not exactly the same:

B4J example:
Sub Process_Globals
   Private fx As JFX
   Private MainForm As Form
   Private ImageView1 As ImageView
   Private BorderIndex As Int
   Private xui As XUI
End Sub

Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
   MainForm = Form1
End Sub

Sub MainForm_Resize (Width As Double, Height As Double)
End Sub

Sub CreateBorder(iv As B4XView)
   BorderIndex = BorderIndex + 1
   Dim MyIndex As Int = BorderIndex
   Dim bc As BitmapCreator
   bc.Initialize(iv.Width / xui.Scale, iv.Height / xui.Scale)
   Dim brushbc As BitmapCreator
   brushbc.Initialize(100, 100)
   brushbc.FillRadialGradient(Array As Int(xui.Color_Blue, xui.Color_White), brushbc.TargetRect)
   Dim brush As BCBrush = bc.CreateBrushFromBitmapCreator(brushbc)
   Dim trans As BCBrush = bc.CreateBrushFromColor(xui.Color_Transparent)
   Dim offset As Int = 2
   Do While MyIndex = BorderIndex
       brush.SrcOffsetX = brush.SrcOffsetX + offset
       brush.SrcOffsetY = brush.SrcOffsetY - offset
       bc.DrawRect2(bc.TargetRect, trans, True, 0)
       bc.DrawRect2(bc.TargetRect, brush, False, 5)
       bc.SetBitmapToImageView(bc.Bitmap, iv)
End Sub