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Nick McCulloch

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Hi all,
I am totally stuck with this and need your help. I have an app which contains 2 CustomlistViews one for Gigs (Which displays fine) and one for "Venues". In the "VenuesList" CustomlistView the divider doesnt display.
In fact , if I set he divider color in the designer the complete panel item background is in the color selected for divider. I dont know what I have done wrong here and am completely stuck on this. Can anyone show me what I have done wrong? I have attached files of the code in question. The screenshot shows the items with the divider color set. The "item" should be a background of White.

Any help?.....


  • VenueList.bas
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  • venues.bal
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  • venueitem.bal
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Does this have all that is needed?
no. It is missing all layoutfiles and other files in assets if there are any.
Are you sure the files are listred in the files tab? If so then they should have been zipped when using Export as zip.
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Nick McCulloch

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Ok, Erel has it .. the background was set at default. its now set correctly and working as expected.. Noting this one in BIG BLACK LETTERS for the next one :) Thanks Erel.
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