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Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by jlalexie, Aug 15, 2019.

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    I'm programming with B4A 9.0 and I'm happy with this product (easier than Android Studio).

    I use a TCP Client socket to communicate with a Wi-Fi ESP8266 access point (no internet connection): "Public CltSock As Socket".

    Everything works great for Android versions 5 to 8.

    But no Wi-Fi connection with an Android 9.0 smart phone (Huawei). "Sub Client_Connected (ConStatus As Boolean)" returns "ConStatus" false.

    In the manifest, I added: "CreateResourceFromFile (Macro, Core.NetworkClearText)" but nothing in Wi-Fi connection (as it is said in


    Here are the B4a and the Android Manifest file.

    Thank for help

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  2. Erel

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    Tip: this is a mistake:
    "28" />
    It should be 18 if you are only accessing RuntimePermission.GetSafeDirDefaultExternal.

    What is the output of Log(LastException) in Client_Connected?

    Make a test, put the device in airplane mode and enable wifi (cellular network should be disabled). Does it work? Android will prefer the network with internet connection.

    See this:
  3. jlalexie

    jlalexie Member Licensed User

    thank you,
    I do not currently have the Android 9 smart phone to control the Log(LastException) in Client_Connected.
    I will do the tests as soon as I get the SP.
  4. jlalexie

    jlalexie Member Licensed User

    I put the device in airplane mode, enable wifi. And it works perfect.
    Thank for your help.
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