B4J Question [Solved] [Web3X] how extract privatekey ?


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I want to extract private key form wallet that generated with web3x library and import to metamak
But i got error in metamask while importing
Where is the problem in my code?

'Connecting to Binance Smart Chain Network - Testnet

web3 = Utils.BuildWeb3Http("https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s3.binance.org:8545/")
    Wait For (web3.EthBlockNumber) Complete (Result As W3AsyncResult)
    If Result.Success Then
        MyLog("Current block: " & Result.Value)
    End If

    'Load a wallet
    Dim Path As String =File.Combine(File.DirApp,"UTC--2022-07-27T08-54-03.3000000Z--237656063ceca525134d043565157748d5e5b376.json")
    Wait For (Utils.LoadWallet(Path, "secret password")) Complete (Result As W3AsyncResult)
    If Result.Success Then
        Dim Credentials As W3Credentials = Result.Value
        Log("Wallet Address : " & Credentials.Address)
        Log("Wallet PublicKey : " & Credentials.PublicKey.ToString)
        Log("Wallet PrivateKey : " & Utils.BigIntFromBytes(Credentials.PrivateKey).ToString)
    End If