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This is my first app for 2018 :)

With this app your kids will learn english words in a fun and easy way.
The app contains 8 categories with over 150 words (for now, more will be added in the future)

the idea is very simple, there is the english word and then the native translation and then the english word in native text. i will explain it in an example:

lets take CAT:

english = "CAT"
german = "KATZE"
skeakinglish = "KET" so if you read "KET" in german you will get the english word. like this kids (at age 6-8) that still cannot read english but do can read their native language they can now read in native the english word and like this learn english in a simple and fun way :)

i am planning to add small games to it so it will make it even more fun for kids to learn english.

The app is translated in 6 languages (French, Italien, Russian, Spanish, German and Hebrew)

i want to say a BIG thanks to all Translators that helped me:

@klaus for the French translation
@Descartex for the Spanish translation
@udg for the italien translation
@f0raster0 and his girl friend Anastasia Medunitskaya for the russian translation

thanks to all of you!!!

The app is ADS FREE! because it is designed for kids but there is an inapp purchase if you like to unlock all categories. i made the app also for iOS about 3 weeks ago but i still wait for them to review my app (this time it takes really really long!! :( )

so please try it and let me know if your kids like it:




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Hello ilan,
In Spanish I have detected a small error