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After reading the B4R beginners guide and some of the B4R tutorials I'm thinking about to start a small project with B4R.

I have a aquarium/fish tank at home with 3 LED stripes for the light. Currently I use a raspberry pi with a small B4J program to simulate sunrise and sunset. This works great and it was an interesting project.

Now I think that using a arduino board for controlling the LED stripes would be much more effective. My current B4J program is quite simple. Even the sunrise and sunset times are hardcoded into the program and there is no possibility to do any configuration at runtime. It should be easy to port the software to an arduino board with B4R.

Because I'm a totally B4R and Arduino beginner I'm currently thinking about what Arduino Board I should buy for this. Maybe the Arduino experts here have some suggestions.

My requirements are:

- I need a clock. I have a I2C RTC module which should work with any Arduino board here. So I think this should be no problem.
- For the Raspberry Pi I use a Adafruit 12Bit 16 Channel PWM board. The 12 bit resolution is great for controlling LEDs (needed for very low intensity). The most Arduino boards use only 8 bit PWM. Is that true? (Maybe I can use the Adafruit board with the Arduino, too).
- I need at least 5 PWM ports.
- Is it possible to transfer the program to an Arduino board OTA? This is nice with the Raspberry Pi. I can update the software on the Pi without connecting it by cable. Everything works over Wifi. Is this possible with an Arduino board, too?
- Any suggestions for a "starter kit"? The WeMos board sounds very interesting but I like to hear your suggestions.


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