Android Question Table FlexibleTable 3.07 Hide column problem


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In my application I use CustomView FlexibleTable Table with 7 columns.
I try to hide one column, the last one.
So I use the code
but the column does not hide properly.
Always a short column appears.

How I can solve it?
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Not sure what you mean with CustomView Table. You should either use FlexibleTable (replaced the older Table control) or B4XTable.


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@Mahares I know that... My command is correct.
The correct column get hide.
The problem is that keep show little bit.... check my picture.


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I know that... My command is correct.
I answered your question based on your post#1 where you refer to column 7 as col(7) instead of col(6). You should state your question properly so you do not confuse everyone else who tries to help.
I tested it on klaus' example for Flexible Table 3.07 on different columns and both tables and every time, the full column gets hidden completely.
I recommend you test it with other columns and another device, scroll left and right and see the effect. If it still persists, then wait for the magic answer from klaus.


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Like Mahares, I tested hiding columns in the demo program for both tables, and it works as expected.
Please post your project or better a small one showing the problem.
Otherwise, it's impossible to give any concrete advice without beeing able to reproduce the problem.


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I test it on 3 tablets LG, Huawai, Samsung.
Happen the same.

I make a small example and I post it here.