B4J Tutorial [Tool] MacStorePackager - publish your App to the Mac AppStore


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this will be found by someone that know it exists but for someone that doesnot know about a possibility to create mac os apps with b4j he will never find it because he doesnot know it exists so he wont look for anything like that.


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Possible, you should use Xcode 8.
But probably your are in the wrong preferences, can you send me a screenshot?

I am having trouble after xcode 9.2 update. It says no certificate found when creating the package altough i signed in to my account created what you said. They are visible in xcode preferences but i keep getting no certificate found. I created a new installer and macos appstore but still the same.

edit: using VM version
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Update v. 1.0.1
  • MacStorePackager now supports Java 9 (it's recommend to use it)
  • a bug related to .icns icons was fixed
Thank you @tufanv for reporting and testing :)

You can find the link to the new version in the start post.



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Unfortunately this app not working: display Success but there are no result on desktop.