Wish Trobergs big wishlist, part 4: Minor annoyances


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4. Minor annoyances

* Menu for build to APK. Running the app and then going to a dir to get the APK si not entirely intuitive.
* Menu for build and deploy, but don't run. Useful for stuff that you don't want to run, for example if it's supposed to be started by an intent. I recently added support for intents to my videoplayer, and it felt a bit stupid to have to stop it every time before I could test.
* I find myself clicking around manually a lot in the following places. They could have a more prominent and easy to reach location (such as toolbar/status bar), or be automated.
** Try autoconnect to to B4A-Bridge if not connected on run.
** Show which device B4A-Bridge is connected to in status bar.
** Choice of build configuration in toolbar. Also, show in the main window which build config is used.
** Build all configurations-menu option (somewhat fixed now with command line builds).
* The properties which have no effect in the designer and also has to be set in the code should have effect in the designer (or update the relevant code).
* In menus, stuff shouldn't happen directly when you click in the menu bar (such as 'Designer'). Clicks in the menubar should show a menu, and the alternatives in that menu should make things happen. The idea is that it should always be "safe" to click in the menu to see what alternatives there are, nothing should start on a click in the menu bar.


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+1 for autoconnect on compile/run... the number of times I have started a compilation and got the error afterwards that my mobile was not connected is countless...