Bug? Two compilation warnings from XUI Views


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I have noticed that XUI Views is producing two compilation warnings. I haven't noticed any impact of those warnings but they are the only warnings I have seen having used several iOS libraries. The warnings are visible when creating a new project and add the XUI Views (1.90) library. No further code is required.

Below are the warnings and the corresponding sections of code.

/Users/bob/Desktop/B4iBuildServer/UploadedProjects/b4i_default/B4iProject/b4i_b4xfloattextfield.m:664:6: Incompatible pointer types assigning to 'B4XViewWrapper *' from 'NSObject *'
 //BA.debugLineNum = 188;BA.debugLine="Private Sub UpdateLabel (txt As String, force As B";
 //BA.debugLineNum = 189;BA.debugLine="For Each lbl As B4XView In Array As B4XView(lblCl";
const id<B4IIterable> group1 = [[B4IArray alloc]initObjectsWithData:@[[B4I nilToNSNull:self->__lblclear],[B4I nilToNSNull:self->__lblv]]];
const int groupLen1 = group1.Size
;int index1 = 0;
for (; index1 < groupLen1;index1++){
_lbl = [group1 Get:index1];   <--------------------------------- WARNING
 //BA.debugLineNum = 190;BA.debugLine="If lbl.IsInitialized Then lbl.Visible = Focused";
if ([_lbl IsInitialized]) { 
[_lbl setVisible:self->__focused && [_txt Length]>0];};

/Users/bob/Desktop/B4iBuildServer/UploadedProjects/b4i_default/B4iProject/b4i_b4xdialog.m:1105:4: Incompatible pointer types assigning to '_argbcolor *' from 'NSObject *'
//BA.debugLineNum = 314;BA.debugLine="Private Sub SetAvg(bc As BitmapCreator, x As Int,";
 //BA.debugLineNum = 315;BA.debugLine="temp.Initialize";
[_temp Initialize];
 //BA.debugLineNum = 316;BA.debugLine="For Each c As ARGBColor In clrs";
const id<B4IIterable> group2 = _clrs;
const int groupLen2 = group2.Size
;int index2 = 0;
for (; index2 < groupLen2;index2++){
_c = [group2 Get:index2];   <------------------------------------ WARNING
 //BA.debugLineNum = 317;BA.debugLine="temp.r = temp.r + c.r";
_temp->_r = (int) (_temp->_r+_c->_r);
 //BA.debugLineNum = 318;BA.debugLine="temp.g = temp.g + c.g";
_temp->_g = (int) (_temp->_g+_c->_g);
 //BA.debugLineNum = 319;BA.debugLine="temp.b = temp.b + c.b";
_temp->_b = (int) (_temp->_b+_c->_b);

I'm using XCode 10.2 but I believe the warnings were present when using 10.1 as well.