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I have just started using B4X Views for Dialogs, but now the compiler throws and error. I have uploaded the compiler logs and the libs used by the App. Also min version is set to 9


Cannot get which Lib is making the conflict


  • logs.txt
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The problem seems to be the following line:

:250:1: error: duplicate interface definition for class '_clvitem'

This means there must be two B4i Libs/Classes that define the same ObjC Class.

My guess: You have added CustomListView as a class and its already included in a library you use. To solve it you just need to remove one of them.
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xCustomListView may be included inside XUIViews. Might want to take a look. However I dont see another instance of CustomListView selected in your libraries. So thats odd. Only thing I can think of is maybe iSideView
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