B4R Library u8gr and u8x8 library?

Tien Lee

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It should be quite simple to call this library with inline c. Start with running the Arduino IDE examples. Do they work?

Hi, thanks! I have everything working because I did have a background in microcontrollers although I haven't been doing any for the past 13 years after a change in career (I don't think arduino existed back then, we played with Atmel AVR microcontrollers in assembly language). I inlined a different code (from Jaycar's Christmas clock https://www.jaycar.com.au/Christmas-clock) because I bought the led screen from them and I have finally gotten text mode to work. Took me awhile to figure out about passing parameters to the inline code until I dug around the generated C files to find the methods associated with Object class... So then I figured that I could typecast from the void * from toPointer to char *. I still haven't figured out how to pass multiple parameters, but worked around it by sending a Byte and taking the lower 4 bits as x and upper 4 bits as y for setting the cursor. I am still working out how to get Graphics to work.

Just thought that this library seems to support many leds. Will it be wrapped for use in B4R?


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Hi, I am totally new to Arduino. But bought a LED matrix screen that uses a ST7920 sold locally. I found a library that appears to work with it, but I can't find it on B4R and this forum. Is there any way I can make a wrapper for it or someone can do so? Sorry if I failed to find it somehow. I did a search.



I know this post is a bit old, in case you didn't find an example who satisfy, you have one below with source i posted recently, it use u8g lib but that's the same author and it's easy to adapt at his new library u8g2 :