Android Tutorial Using a PlayStation 3 controller with your Android Device

Using a PlayStation 3 controller with your Android Device
This tutorial is an extension of the B4A Generic Gamepad Support thread.

As you can imagine, Playstation controllers aren't natively supported by Android devices.
It is, though, very easy to get them to work with your phone or tablet.

Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: It doesn't matter if you want to plug it via USB or BT.
Your device must be rooted for either case.

Step 2: Download the Sixaxis Pair Tool for your PC

Step 3: Download the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker for your Android device

Step 4: Plug your PS3 controller to your PC via USB.

Step 5: Start the Sixaxis Android app and the pair tool on your PC.
On the bottom left corner of your Android device you'll see a MAC Address.
Enter this MAC Address on your PC and click Update.

Step 6: Disconnect your controller. You may now pair it with your Android device using the Sixaxis app.

Step 7: If you did everything successfully, you may now download the Sixaxis Controller app.

Switching from Android to PC and vice-versa:

If you also use your PS3 controller to play games on your PC (for example, with the ScpMonitor.exe tool), you'll need to run the Sixaxis Pair Tool again and enter your PC's Bluetooth MAC Address. The image below should be self-explanatory.


Switching back to your PS3:

Once you pair the controller with you PC (ScpMonitor) or with your Android (Sixaxis), your PS3 won't
recognize your controllers anymore. Don't worry!

All you have to do is to plug it via USB to your PS3 and push the PS button on your controller.
Your controller will now be paired with your PS3 and unpaired from both your PC and Android device.

Enjoy. :)
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