Other v5.01 is available for download


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Version 5.01 is now available for download. It can be downloaded from the same link you received in the mail.

This update fixes a bug in the visual designer related to controls renaming as well as other minor bugs and improvements.
Printing is also supported now.

Next week an email will be sent to all developers who received v5.00 with the (same) download link.


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Thank you @Erel.
I've just tested printing and it works great, even though I will probably never use it :)
Hmm, it's also better to print using a light theme than a dark theme.

Hello, please can share your code for printing. Am buying android pos with built in printer and I want to be sure I can write a code to print.


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I always load a new version in a new folder this allows you to use older versions if needed.
So do I, and then, some years later, when I realize I don't use the old versions, I delete them.

I just wanted to make sure first, as some programs do not happily coexist with other versions of themselves.


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@Erel : Is there a reason why the splash screen reappears during the window resizing at startup? Or is your computer so fast that you didn't even notice it before?
(this was in the beta too)

Andrei E

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Well, no new version via email. I got a 5.00 link, not a 5.01
Erel, where I can get it?

Andrei E

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Thanks, realy same link is it
Damn, so stragers...