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With b4a version 5.00, I tried the following simple operation in a new project:
1) Added a new View, an EditText. Changed its Name.
2) Added a second one. After changing its name, an error dialog appears:

"An Error occurred. The given key was not present in the dictionary."

It seems that the second change of name produces the error, also without changing the first one and letting the default "EditText1". I used upper chars for these names, in this case.
This error makes impossible to go on, the Layout is lost. Even reloading the Designer gives the error.
This situation repeats in my computer, with Windows 7 x64 Professional. No chance of going on.
The only "detail" that I can add is that I didn't update the Microsoft FrameWork, as suggested when running the Designer. In my computer, a VisualStudio 2010 is installed.
A layout giving the error is attached.
Thanks for suggestions..



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I believe this to be the same fault as mentioned here.. V5 Designer not usable
Erel is aware of the problem and it will be fixed. The solution for the moment is to press enter after the name change to commit the change before moving focus.