B4J Tutorial [Web] SithasoIONIC7 Wireframes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Ionic 7 Mobile Apps Designs

Good day family...

ANNOUNCEMENT: 07 Feb 2014 - We welcome the Voice Command KITT (#23)

So I tried my first voice recording today. I wanted to make a live recording, will learn how to do that soon enough. Please receive my apologies about the sound quality, Im using my phone earphones and microphone. I hope its audible enough.

Please if you have any questions, please hit me up here / on YT about what we are trying to achieve.

We will post tutorials as we go along..

1. Download SithasoIONIC7 Wireframes WebApp for free here. See link below.
2. Unzip the file and then double click the run_server_9090.bat file.
3. Ensure that port 9090 is not firewall blocked.
4. Use Ionic Documentation to refer to create your Mobile App Wireframes.
5. To develop these into real apps, you with need SithasoIONIC7


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Lastest version with Resource Management & Undo / Redo Feature is now available for download.

Get it now from



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SithasoIONIC7 Wireframes - What's New on 05 Feb 2024

1. Undo & Redo Feature
2. Downloading Resources - images / json files used in your wireframe
3. Abstract Designer Guide - a step by step process on how to turn your wireframe into an app using the Abstract Designer.
4. Renaming components - its important to give components the right name, what if you change your mind. This experimental feature allows you to do exactly that.

Get SI7W now for free and start your wireframe journey into beautiful Mobile Apps.

PS: You can do a search on YT to see how others are developing their apps and learn by doing.