B4J Question WebApp - Get form-data with a websocket


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I have a simple form in a web-page and when I click the submit button, I can see the values in webdev-tools in Chrome (network-tag).
I gave the form an ID and it triggers correctly in B4J but the map (Params) does not contain the values. It only contains values such as which=1, metaKey=false, pageY=268 etc).
How can I get values from the fields in my form in B4J so I can use them for further processing such as validation, entering data in a DB?
I am using WebSockets.


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Thanks, and it works fine.
We are really fortunate thanks to all the stuff Erel has built for us.

Erel's example is using a form to get a file. If you wish to get the values of a text field, checkbox, radio, dropdowns (select) etc from a form, then just use the method GetValue like below:

Public Sub GetFieldData(parts As Map)
    Dim myfielddata As Part = parts.Get("notes")
    'do something with the data
    ws.Flush 'this is a server event so we need to explicitly call Flush
End Sub