What do you do in your free time?

Peter Simpson

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Without saying too much, here are my hobbies.
I absolutely love photography, I took all the shots below with my little camera. I try to take shots wherever I go, usually.

I own two 450 size R/C heli's, they are extremely dangerous but good fun to fly.
This is my home made carbon body baby.


My 2 mountain bikes. I built the black and white one from scratch, it's light and very fast. Cycling is my way of staying fit.

2014 - 2.jpg

I also enjoy night time photography.
Long exposure of the M42 motorway.



I like photographing planes.

I enjoy going to RAF air shows. Here are the world famous 'Red Arrows'.


I enjoy astrophotography. This including moon shots, the M42 Orion Nebula, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

My favourite type of photography is Macro photography, I absolutely love it.


I also play some snooker, I enjoy listening to music on my Ref Hi-Fi and I like playing about with electronics :p

That's it, there are all the things that I enjoy doing.

Oops I forgot to mention going out drinking with the guys :)
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Sweet equipment and great photos as well, congratulations!!

Since I'm not a professional programmer, coding for Android with B4A is currently my main hobby! I have to say that this year my nerd side took over my sporty side and I gained a few kilos. Hopefully in 2015 I'll be able to set things right. I enjoy going to the gym and swimming as well. When I was living in Portugal, going to the beach was one of my top priorities. Finally, cinema, video games and losing a lot of money in the stock market (day trading).

That's it for me! :)


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I `ve had way too many hobbies and have to have a cull now and then.

For the last 15-16 years I was very active in a bicycle club and helped organise meets around the country. That hobby`s being replaced now by travel adventures in my camper van and I`m also building a camping trailer which I hope to use for classic car rallies.

I have a quite big garden so that needs plenty of attention during the warm weather. Cooking and eating are things I enjoy too.

When the weather is too cold or wet outside I like to tinker with my PC and of course spend lots of time coding, reading about coding, thinking about coding, dreaming about coding.... lol :)