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    Android Question Auto Start Voice Recognition after error

    Hi (This is another question I wanted to ask in another thread) Hi I want to automatically restart the Voice Recognition Service(, in case of the user didn't say anything(and then the VR is stopping...
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    Android Question Auto Start Voice Recognition

    Hi I want to automatically restart the Voice Recognition Service(, in case of the user didn't say anything(and then the VR is stopping automatically) or there is no internet connection. May someone help me with...
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    Android Question app crashed (using class-contactsutils provides read write access to the stored contacts)

    Hi Erel, I tried to use the library you uploaded: this is my code(activity_create): If FirstTime Then Activity.LoadLayout("MAIN") cu.Initialize End If...
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    Android Question how to add library?

    Hi I am new to b4a, and sometimes I see libraries that I can download (for example, but I dont know can i add it to the libraries... I tried to upload the .jar file to the project files manager, but it...
  5. A

    Android Question Error while running the app

    Hi I runned my app on realise mode and I this message error has shown up: B4A Version: 8.00 Code analyzer. Error The specified argument is outside the range of valid values. Parameter name: index I tried to run the app without some subs, to find where is the problem, but I didnt find...
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    Android Question disable auto sleep

    Hi I need that when my app in open the phone will not turn of automaticly(after a few minutes) and stay logged on. does someone knows how can I do that? Thanks
  7. A

    Android Question Hebrew TTS speak

    Hi I tried to use the TTS in hebrew, but it didnt work beacuse this language files are missing. someone knows where I can find and use the TTS on hebrew on B4A? Thanks
  8. A

    Android Question Answer a call

    Hi, Does someone knows how can my app to be opened automaticly when there is incomming call? And also if the app can answer the call and let the user talk? Thanks!
  9. A

    Android Question notification in specific time

    hi I want to create a new notofication to the user, in a specific time(for example at 7:00 AM). someone knows how can i do that? Thanks in advance
  10. A

    Android Question Wakeup App

    hi, I wanted to create a wake-up ap with some features, but i dont know how to do that whan the user close the app, the app will open in the specific hour. does someone knows how can I do that?
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    Android Question Icon App

    Hi, Someone can explain how can I set an ICON to the app (like how to set the app name) thanks.
  12. appie21

    Android Question Opening wrong facebook page in nativeapp

    Hello I try to open the facebook app with a page (in this case B4a) Sub BtnFacebook_Click Dim fURI As String = "" Dim in As Intent in.Initialize(in.ACTION_VIEW, "fb://facewebmodal/f?href=" & fURI) Try StartActivity(in) Catch...
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    Android Question Randomize in b4a

    Hi I tried to set an int to a random number, but always when I run the app, the value of the randome int is the same number overband over again. In Vb before setting a random value, there is a command - 'randomize' There is a way that the random number will be not the same any time?
  14. E

    Spanish (Solucionado) App para Makeblock

    Hola, Me compré hace una semana un kit Makeblock mbot Ranger, que es un kit robot 3 en 1, con el que puedes montar un tanque, un coche 2 ruedas con una rueda trasera loca y un 2 ruedas que mantiene el equilibrio tipo segway o tipo hoverboard. Tiene bluetooth, wifi, sensor de lineas...
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    Android Question black screen apk running

    hi I run my APK file on my smartphone, and it only show a toastmassafe "waiting for IDE debugger to connect" I tried the other black screen thread solution, and it didnt work. someone knows how to fix that or how to create properly an apk file from start to end? thanks
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    Android Question where is the APK file

    hi, I want to upload my app to google play, but I didnt find the APK file in my project folder, someone knows how to find this file or how to create him? thanks