1. erol34

    Excel (VBA) is not dead !

    I invite Basic lovers to read the last post on my blog.. Please feel free to share your thoughts. You can easily translate page to your language by using the translate widget on the left..
  2. MARCO C.

    B4J Question [B4J] aprile file excel

    Esiste un modo per aprile un file presente in una cartella del PC ? Ho trovato qualcosa con "shell" ma non trovo un esempio pratico. Grazie in anticipo
  3. W

    B4J Code Snippet [XLUtils] [jPOI5] Detect/unhide hidden rows and columns in a worksheet

    Dim i As Int Dim theSheet As PoiSheet = ... Dim joTheSheet As JavaObject = theSheet Dim theSheetWriter As XLSheetWriter = ... Dim theSheetLastRow1 As Int = theSheet.LastRowNumber + 1 ' One-based index of the last row in the sheet Dim theSheetLastCol0 As Int = theSheet.GetRow(0).Cells.Size - 1 '...
  4. rtek1000

    B4J Question [XLUtils] How to create MS Excel documents?

    Hi, I found this library, very useful, but I couldn't find how to create the file. There is a post related to how to create Word documents: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/xlutils-creating-ms-word-documents.131732/ Lib...
  5. B

    B4J Question Suggestions about importing a .tsv file into Excel

    Hi, I'd like to convert a VBScript app that I wrote, which imports a tab-delimited file into Excel, and performs all sorts of formatting functions. I used the B4J Excel library - forgot what it was called - sometime back. No problem with that. My question is how should I approach the...
  6. M

    B4J Question XLUtil - working with Ranges on multiple sheets

    I have a spreadsheet with 21 sheets in it. I need to read each sheet. Each sheet has 6 columns of data. Each sheets data can have different number of rows, some have 19 rows, some 20 and some 21 rows. To read each sheets data, I would assume creating a Sheet Range on each sheet. Excel allows...
  7. behnam_tr

    B4J Question xlutils > Can I print excel file ??

    hi with XLutils how print Excel file After creat ??? is it possible ??
  8. KMatle

    B4J Question Get display value via jPOI respecting locale

    I'm using this snippet to format an date cell to a real date: ub PoiGetFormattedCellValue(ExcelCell As PoiCell) As String Dim JOCell As JavaObject = ExcelCell Dim JODataFormatter As JavaObject Dim JOConditionalFormattingEvaluator As JavaObject Dim JOFormulaEvaluator As...
  9. manzoor

    Android Question GetCell Value of 2nd Column below 1st Column and so on in Excel - Urgent Help Requested

    Help from respected developers needed I need this GetCell Value of 2nd Column below 1st Column and so on in Excel as explained in attached file
  10. Mashiane

    B4J Library [BANanoOXML] Client Side Excel Report Generation

    Yippie!! In case you need something like this one day, so here is my BANano implementation of it for y'all. With this one is able to CREATE Excel workbooks with multiple sheets. One is able to also set styles e.g. bold, italic, forecolor, add borders. Once generated, the workbook is...
  11. Mark Read

    B4J Tutorial jPOI Library - Automatic column width.

    I was trying to get to grips with setting the column width in my Excel table. According to the help I tried: number of characters x 256, but all my columns dissappeared! Setting a value of 2560 gives a width in Excel of 9.29 or 70 Pixels, enough for 9 characters. 2560/9.29=275 which I...
  12. AKJammer

    B4J Question Java Error when exporting to Excel

    Could someone decipher this java log? My project works fine in debug mode, but when I put into release mode and package it up as an exe file with B4JPackager11 and click my 'Export data to Excel' button, it blows up. If this log isn't definitive enough, I'll build a simple project that...
  13. William Lancee

    Share My Creation Number Cruncher and Statistical Package Integrator

    The principle behind this app is that "time is money". I have worked most of my life as a research scientist and consultant, and I can say that I have wasted a huge amount of time ($) because of poor software and data management tools. It is not so much that the tools don't work, they do...
  14. Star-Dust

    B4J Library [B4X] [XUI] SD FlexGrid (Table)

    I created a new library to show a table (or grid) similar to the one in EXCEL. There are already excellent classes that allow many to accomplish things, such as xCustomListView by @Erel (B4X) and with the FlexibleTable by @klaus (B4A). I wanted to make something slightly different suited to...
  15. K

    B4J Code Snippet jPOI Get A Cells Text Property (Display Value)

    The code is the equivalent of the VBA .Text property of a cell. It's the value displayed to the user including formatting such as thousands separators,decimal places and currency. It requires the latest version the jPOI library that wraps Apache POI 4.00. Sub...
  16. M

    Android Question Excel Library

    Hi, I have a customer who wants an option to delete the last row in an excel worksheet, is there an easy way todo this? I could loop all rows and copy to another sheet but hoping there is an easier way (Remove/Delete/Uninitialise a Row)? Thank you
  17. E

    B4J Question Unicode Words diplays in Labels..

    Hi All, I am making a Quiz Game in which Questions taken from Excel sheet...& displays in two label in two language...One is english and another is my language Hindi... Using Jpoi library I read the excel sheet sucessfully but English is ok....Hindi fonts are not properly displyed...I...
  18. iordanis lazoudis

    B4J Code Snippet export Tableview to excel with jPOI

    This is my first code snippet, for exporting a tableview to an excel. ITs my first serious attempt to work with b4j after trying various tools for months. I am now certain i made the best choice to start working with b4j. After searching the forum i managed to put together this sub... no big...