1. analizer3816

    Android Question exoplayer error-> invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26

    Hello, I create b4a_exoplayer library from with exoplayer 2.9.0's aar file, compile ok then I use this library in B4A 8.50 1.set min sdk = 16, target sdk = 28 2.set v28 android.jar in configure paths exoplayer release note...
  2. Cornelius Smit

    Android Question xCustomlistview Library and Button Click

    Good day I need help please I have a custom listview (library) and use a layout for my image and a button !! How do i capture the correct button click event Thank you in advance
  3. Yunus ÖZ

    Android Question Notification Builder Library - Changing text from service

    Hi i'm using to Notification Builder Library (thanks to @barx for this) and i added custom layout with 2 buttons,and use "setEnableClickEvent" to service i want to change button text when i click to it, could you tell me how can i do it, i read all of this...
  4. J

    B4J Library jCrystalReports Library

    Hi all. I would like to share this jCrystalReports Library. (For now it supports MS SQL JTDS, MS SQL SQLJDBC, MySQL, Oracle and SQLite) I think I'm wrong, the java code in this library doesn't restrict to any jdbc connection and you can configure any jdbc in crystal reports as long is in the...
  5. Marcus Araujo

    Android Example Solving "Font asset not found" from library

    I developed a class (compiled in library) that makes use of Typeface.MATERIALICONS, but when I tried using it there was this error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Font asset not found b4x_materialicons.ttf I could not find a thread summarizing this problem in this forum for a workout, but the...
  6. walterf25

    Java Question Returning Value on BA.RaiseEvent method

    Hi All, i'm trying to wrap a library and on one of the listeners for one of the properties i have the need to return an integer value, I was wondering if this is possible with any of the BA.RaiseEvent methods, if not is there any other way to accomplish this. Below is the java portion of the...
  7. Angel Garcia

    Wish SAP Mobile Platform Library

    Hi, It would be great to have a library in B4A to perform tasks remotely with SAP, this could expand our creations to companies and industries of our countries. I noticed there is a github project and a downloadable mobile platform directly from SAP for development. (but of course it would be...
  8. moster67

    B4A Library Accessibility Services (assisting users with disabilities, automation etc)

    This is a partial wrap/library for Android's Accessibility Services which you can read about here: Android's Accessibility Services is meant to assisting users with disabilities in using Android devices...
  9. cxdzbl

    Android Question Hope that the official production of kotlin packaged b4a library tutorials

    I use second of's video, because of the problem of language, video has no text, depending on learning is very complex. I hope the government can publish a more detailed picture and text tutorial, thank you.
  10. M

    Android Question ExoPlayer subtitles

    its posible to load srt in exoplayer, i think in the lib is missing that part. any advice? thanks in advance
  11. J

    How much do you charge for wrapping the DialogFlow SDK?

    How much will you charge me for wrapping the DialogFlow SDK? Please serious offers, I do not guarantee that you will do the job, I'm looking for prices first. More links:
  12. LucaMs

    B4A Library [Class] ExpandViews

    A class / library to easily manage the expansion / collapsing of N B4XViews. The initial code was here: Due to some problems with the SetLayoutAnimated command, it was not possible to get good animation for...
  13. J

    Bug? Easy to fix bug: Type: URI: it's a black hole...

    Good morning it's really strange that the URI Type is a "write only" Class or a black hole: there is not a single member which returns anything!: Therefore, we always get annoying cast warnings if we use this Type. I guess it's a short...
  14. carlos7000

    Spanish Alternativa a Log (Library)

    Hola a todos No sé si a otras personas les sucede, pero a mi la función 'log' no me funciona. Razon por la cual desarrolle mi propia librería. Su uso es muy simple, solo debe Incluirla en su proyecto, inicializarla, guardar los datos y Listo! La librería crea un archivo con el nombre que ud...
  15. moster67

    B4A Library Ruler Picker

    Android custom view that uses a ruler for picking the number from given range. Easy to integrate: Add the attached libraries to your Additional Library folder. Refresh the library pane and select the library. Add the view in your designer as a custom view. Add properties, functions in your...
  16. OliverA

    Wish [Wish] SetNonQuery2Statement, AddNonQuery2Args, ExecNonQuery2Batch

    The current AddNonQueryToBatch/ExecNonQueryBatch is very flexible by allowing various non-query statements (update, instert, delete, etc.) to be batched together. But often, it is just one type of non-query statement that needs to be executed multiple times. Even the example given for...
  17. M

    Wish RESideMenu lib

    HI Everyone im glad to join your big community its very nice to be here with the best developers im not sure i post in a right place so anyway I wish anyone help me with wrapping a lib from a github its a very nice lib and its good to be wrap in b4i link of GitHub project...
  18. MarkusR

    Java Question [solved ]b4a bitmap to library

    maybe someone had done this. i need to give my library a bitmap from b4a library part: public Texture( Bitmap1) { this.Bitmap1 =Bitmap1; } b4a part: Dim bmp As Bitmap = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets,"wood.png") Cube1.SetTexture(bmp)
  19. MarkusR

    B4A Library ThreeD library (alpha 0.04)

    hello, i publish a 3D library to using at a b4a project (android 5.x+ phone or tablet) currently it knows: Camera Light Cube Vector,Color,Texture Entity,Mesh,Surface,Vertex Line (at Surface) 01.02.2019 21:00 is my test project. 03.02.2019 19:00 is the lib to place...
  20. MarkusR

    Java Question [solved] android.content.Context in B4A ?

    i need help for my android lib i need init my class in b4a with a android.content.Context because GLSurfaceView have this in the constructor. android library part in android studio import android.content.Context; import android.opengl.GLSurfaceView; import android.view.View...