1. MarkusR

    Java Question [solved] create the XML file that describes the file to the IDE for a jar file / library

    ömm, i have a 3d example for android studio and me thought i can make my own library there for using in b4a. i know how to make a java library .jar in android studio project and now i need this .xml for b4a ide. is there maybe a online service to just upload a .jar and get a .xml out? or just a...
  2. moster67

    B4A Library B4AClayView - Crop and image trimming

    B4AClayView - Crop and image trimming And here is another Image Cropping and Trimming-library :). You can use this to trim the outline of an image and create your own custom shape. You can also undo your previous trimming actions. Source/Creator: I wrapped this...
  3. A

    מנוע דיבור בתוך אפליקציה

    הי שאלתי לא מזמן בפורום הכללי של אנדרויד איך אפשר להשתמש במנוע דיבור בשפה העברית, וענו לי שאני צריך להתקין ולהגדיר כברירת מחדל בטלפון שלי מנוע דיבור שתומך בשפה העברית. התקנתי כמה אפליקציות בטלפון שלי שמשתמשות בדיבור (לדוגמא הקראת הודעות) בעברית, למרות שבהגדרות הטלפון שלי מנוע הדיבור המכוון...
  4. A

    Android Question ReStart the Voice Recognition

    Hi, I tried to restart the Voice Recognition 'window' (, for example if the User didnt speak (and then the VR dialog is showing 'Please speak clearly, click to try again'). the problem is I get the VR result succes...
  5. A

    Android Question app crashed (using class-contactsutils provides read write access to the stored contacts)

    Hi Erel, I tried to use the library you uploaded: this is my code(activity_create): If FirstTime Then Activity.LoadLayout("MAIN") cu.Initialize End If...
  6. A

    Android Question how to add library?

    Hi I am new to b4a, and sometimes I see libraries that I can download (for example, but I dont know can i add it to the libraries... I tried to upload the .jar file to the project files manager, but it...
  7. MarkusR

    Wish Libary Names in IDE

    @Erel i like to see if the used librarys are from the Community or Extern Folder i tryed to change the version or name but it is not shown in the ide libary list or run into error at version. can you make that the ide understand this:
  8. O

    iOS Question How to connect to a mysql Database

    I want to connect to a Mysql Database over the Internet. In B4a it is no problem with the mysql library. But how it works in b4i?
  9. BobsYourUncle

    SMS and MMS Text Messaging library

    I'm looking for a very technically skilled B4A / Java developer to create a B4A library capable of *reliably* sending and displaying both normal text messages (SMS) and text messages with images or other files attached (MMS). Inspiration can be drawn from...
  10. MarkusR

    B4A Library Clock 24

    as the title said, a custom view of my 24 hour clock (just for fun) build into a library. unzip into libraries folder or your extra librarys folder, then refresh library list in ide and select Clock24. for download link please scroll to 1.04 the idea behind my 24 hour clock view...
  11. MarkusR

    Wish IDE Extra Library List

    in a extra library folder please can you scan folders there too? some libs comes also with examples, i like to just unzip libs into a folder. i like also to see in the library list window a hint if the lib comes from b4a or forum, or at least from the extra folder. (+unicode symbol?)
  12. Kenny Ali

    Android Question Where is the Additional Libraries Folder?

    Hi. I've got this ReadMe File that says that I need to add a .jar file to an Additional Libraries Folder, but I don't know where it is located or how Add it there. Can someone help me out? Thanks.
  13. Marcos Alves

    Other WebRTC Wrapper

    Hi, does anybody know if it's possible to do a library from this WebRTC compilation for B4A?
  14. Star-Dust

    Italian Panoramica Star-Dust

    Per comodità (mia) raccolgo qui i miei contributi: Warning: Non sono wrap (non saprei farli) , sono realizzate quasi interamente in B4X. Librerie B4A 01 Dialogs 02 Menu 03 Floating Button StandOut 04 DragBoard 05 ViewExtra 06 PanelExtra 07 BT_Printer (BlueTooth) 08 MenuExtender 09 ZipLibrary 10...