1. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation B4A - Task Manager App Template

    Task Manager App Template This Task Manager app template serves as an ideal tool for developers looking to create their applications or delve into UI/UX design studies. The template intentionally excludes logical functionalities such as a database or API connection, focusing solely on the...
  2. M

    Android Question [B4X] ASSegmentedTab - Fix width of a Tab

    Hi everyone, very amazed by the work of @Alexander Stolte !!! I'm implementing it in my project right now. Only one thing is not clear to me: Is it possible to fix the width of a specific element? I need to achieve this result where the icon has a smaller tab, while the other tabs can...
  3. fernando1987

    Share My Creation UI Style Antivirus using jdahsboardUI library

    Hello, this is an example showcasing the latest features of the jdashboard UI library. I hope you like it. To make it work, you'll need the latest version of the jdashboard library. This example demonstrates the usage of the newly added Menu Style 2, which comes with the latest update.
  4. fernando1987

    Share My Creation Implement notifications with images from firebase (source code for sale)

    Important this product needs the latest version of JdashboardUI library https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jdashboardui-improve-the-graphic-interface-of-your-desktop-applications.143114/ if you still don't have it you can get it along with the source code for a special price in this...
  5. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation [Free] Post Maker app

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abdullcade.Quotey With the Post Creator you can add phrases to your images and share with others. SOME OF THE RESOURCES • Create beautiful images with phrases; • Layout customization; • Share with other users; • Great interface; • Style...
  6. M

    iOS Question [B4X] How to make Graphs / Charts / Plots

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what is the best way to create modern looking graphs like this one for example: P.S. Is there something different from this? thanks in advance :D
  7. Dave O

    Android Code Snippet standard tooltips for Android 8+

    For tooltips (press-and-hold on a view to show some explanatory text), in the past I used a hack in my apps to position a toast message near the view. This has stopped working on certain recent versions of Android (I'll cover that in a separate post), so I went looking for a better solution. It...
  8. M

    B4J Question Modern and custom window shape

    Hi everyone, i wish to build a desktop app but with some modern vibes in it. So I imagined it without the ugly windows default window, but more like macos apps. Is it possibile to create an app that has this type of GUI using B4J? no borders, round corners, functioning buttons (close, minimize...
  9. B

    Android Question B4A Designer don't save layout anymore

    Yesterday i opened B4A to modify a project and i notice the UI of B4A was resetted. So i reimposted the theme and the layout of the windows (logs, files, lib, ecc); i tried to close and open again and the setting was saved. When i opened the Designer the UI was also resetted, so i reimposted all...
  10. Reckless

    Android Example Creative UI/UX Designs + Source Code

    Well, from today I am here to help you create more beautiful applications. B4X Family is a wonderful yet very simple tool for designing functional and beautiful applications I have been acquainted with B4A since 2010 and whenever I wanted to migrate I could not go to Android Studio and I did not...
  11. mmrafiei

    Android Question Shape the Button

    hello guys, I have a question how can i shape the button in b4a. for example make a round button. may you help me.I am a novice in b4a, please guide me completely.
  12. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation B4A UI kits

    UI Templates B4A designer is a very good interface for designing layouts, with a little study you can create modern UIs that create a better user experience. Find the best layout and adjust it to your app: e-Food UI Demo USD 9.9 Online Groceries App UI Demo USD 7.9 NFT-Elux-SpaceUI...
  13. XToolsGroup

    Android Example [UI] [B4A] Real State App UI Example + Source Code

    Hello Community! This is the third UI Example by XTools Group and more examples are on the way :) You can find our UI Examples Here : [UI] [B4A] Camping App UI Example + Source Code [UI] [B4A] Online Course App UI Example + Source Code In this example we've used CustomListView & XUI Views...
  14. XToolsGroup

    Android Example [UI] [B4A] Online Course App UI Example + Source Code

    Hello Community! This is the second UI Example by XTools Group and more examples are on the way :) You can find our first UI Example Here : [UI] [B4A] Camping App UI Example + Source Code In this example we've used CustomListView & XUI Views Librarys. And the Bottom Navigation is coded "Simply"...
  15. XToolsGroup

    Android Example [UI] [B4A] Camping App UI Example + Source Code

    Hello Community! This is the first UI Example by XTools Group and more examples are on the way :) In this example we've used CustomListView & XUI Views Librarys and implement a self-made Bottom Navigation(Not the best way). And don't forget to check out the Designer Visuals along with the code...
  16. H

    B4J Tutorial Tag management for UI Nodes

    In B4XPages we rely heavily on tags to identify UI elements. Yet tags are valuable for connecting data to the UI, too, and it is easy to feel we are wasting tags for identification. There is a very simple and obvious way to use tags in a more flexible way, though. The following idea is not...
  17. Abdull Cadre

    Share My Creation Overview of my creations(Free and paid sorce code)

    1. Covid App ui (Free Source code) Simple application, with a friendly interface. Use an API to load data about Covid-19 in the world or in a specific region, Use Portuguese as a language but you can easily change. API Reference:https://disease.sh/v3/covid-19/ Download: CovidApp.zip 2. Music...
  18. Lucas Siqueira


    Hi, my name is Lucas Siqueira 🇧🇷 ! I am very happy 😁 to share with you the designer at B4XPAGES. I hope you like the layout and my contributions! 🤓💻 I'm in love 🥰😍 with B4X! Made with ❤ in B4X
  19. Ertan

    B4A Library [B4A] [B4i] [XUI] MetroUI_TextView

    Hello, We have made our first special component and put it into use. We Have No Expectations. If you want, you can take the codes with winrar and open B4Xlib codes, edit and duplicate them. Because Sharing is Good. Report bugs and requests to us in response. MetroUI_TextView Authors ...
  20. Marvel

    Share My Creation Project 8 - Exploring UI capabilities

    Update!!! I never really got to finish and clean up this project but you can download the source file here: Download Source file ----------------------------------------------- Hi guys, I thought I should share what I've been exploring with the B4x community. I recently set out to do some...