Android Example [UI] [B4A] Online Course App UI Example + Source Code

Hello Community!
This is the second UI Example by XTools Group and more examples are on the way :)
You can find our first UI Example Here :

[UI] [B4A] Camping App UI Example + Source Code

In this example we've used CustomListView & XUI Views Librarys. And the Bottom Navigation is coded "Simply" and added to better display the "appearance" of the app.
But we are working on some B4X Libraries, so for now , just get Inspirited about the Design and not the code :D

Online Course App : 2 Activity and Screens , Designed in Code and Designer Script

Group 1 (3).png

You can preview the app , before you download and run source code : Online_Course_App.apk

Your feedback means a lot to us.
So , let us know what you think about our design. :cool:
Brain of the UI: Ryan Risbaya (Dribbble)
and feel free to contact our group :


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Colin Evans

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Hi, love your design (s), just adapting a small app to use some of your creativity but I'm stuck on one thing, I love the ability to scroll the screen with the customlistview but I need a small scrollable webview or table to show items from an sqlite database which the user can choose from the list to then populate the rest of the screen held in the customlistview, can't find a way to do this, any idea's