B4J Question [ABMaterial] ABMGoogleMap_Ready Event continuous firing


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Hi there


What makes the _ready event fire numerous times on a page. I have defined a map on a page, I need to load markers as soon as the page is loaded so I thought of using the map_ready event. Thing is, the ready event fires a couple of times continuously and never seems to stop. I dont have a timer on my app either?

Anyone experienced this? Or perhaps what is the best place to load markers when a page shows, ConnectPage?

Update: (see attached gif above)

1. when you resize your webpage, map_ready event fires continuously until you stop resizing.
2. when you load markers on connectpage, map_ready event fires

Can someone please advise?

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Maybe adding markers in ready causes a loop effect:

Ready, add marker, ready adding marker, add marker again, ready adding second marker, again adding marker, etc
Ok, thanks for the response. This is my scenario, I want when my page loads and finishes to then load markers from a db to display on a map? How can I do this?