iOS Question Asset files not being updated in release build

John Sturt

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Hello All
I have a small project that has 5 png files in the assets folder.
In debug mode they get copied over and all is well.
In release mode 2 get updated into the build and the other
3 are not available.

I have done all the usual delete the app and clean the project
I have rebuilt the bridge app
I have tried the above on my 2 devices to no solution.

Any commands to force a total update of assets on release build
any reason that png files do not get updated on release build.

Thanks from long time user

John Sturt

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If you uninstalled the app, cleaned the project and the problem still occurred then the problem is somewhere else.

Are you sure that the files are listed in the files tab?
Click on Sync button in the files tab.
Make sure that the actual files are lowercased.

Hello Erel
After a bit of digging around I have found the problem / solution.

The app created a list of files from the asset folder

it then used the files with .png as a extension

I was unaware that the assets folder contained other files and the app was trying to use them.

So i renamed the files i need to use and parsed them that way.

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