Android Question AWS Device Farm (B4X)


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I have just discovered something that I believe all community members should be aware of:

AWS Device Farm

I have just used it to solve an iOS problem.

But it has huge potential in the Android development/testing world also.

It appears to be some 2,500 actual devices (about 300 different ones if I have read it correctly) that you can access via the web - you can do both automated and manual testing.

The only real hassle is setting up an AWS account if you don't have one.

Cost is USD0.17 / minute - about USD10 / hr - BUT you get the first 1000 mins (16 hours) FREE

It is incredibly easy to use - for iOS you just take the ipa out of ...\Objects\ and paste it onto the device web page - 20 secs later you are running.

I haven't had the need yet to try Android but I suspect it will be just as easy.

So if you get complaints about your app not working on a specific device that you naturally don't have - no longer a problem.

The only shortcoming I have discovered so far is an inability to handle SMS.

I don't doubt there are others which I hope will be documented in this thread with time.


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Just been doing a bit of googling on these - a couple of questions:
  • they both apply to Java/B4A - is there an equivalent for B4I?
  • would these need some form of porting?
  • I don't really understand how they work - I presume they are embedded in the B4A app
Appium can be used for web apps, Android and iOS.

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