Android Tutorial B4A Book Now Covers Version 11.20


I am happy to announce that both the paperback and electronic versions of the B4A tutorial and reference book “B4A Rapid Android App Development using BASIC” by Wyken Seagrave have now been updated to cover version 11.20 of B4A. It includes documentation of all the latest core B4X libraries.

The paperback is available from the Penny Press website at and from all good bookshops. The ISBN is 9781512296259.

If you buy the paperback directly from Penny Press you will also receive a free electronic book, free shipping and free updates of future editions of the ebook.

Free Upgrade for Ebook

Customers who have bought the ebook or paperback with free ebook directly from the Penny Press Store can now obtain a FREE upgrade to the latest edition by visiting the upgrade page (

Readers comments about this book:

"This was a book that I now use as a constant reference and have found it a mine of information."
"Brilliantly written and presented."
"Excellent book. Just what I was looking for."
"I will not now be able to think of developing an app without this book at my side."
“It is highly recommended.”


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