Other B4A UI Cloud is now online - The easy way to test your layout!


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Basic4android UI Cloud is a new service that will help you with testing your layouts on multiple devices.

Using the UI Cloud is very simple. From the designer you choose Tools - Send To UI Cloud (or press F6). The layout will be sent to a set of devices hosted by Anywhere Software. Once the process is complete, the browser will open with two screenshots taken from each device.

Pressing on any thumbnail image will show the full image.

The set of devices currently includes:
- Galaxy S4
- Samsung Galaxy I9000
- Nexus 7
- Nexus 5
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
- Kindle Fire
- HTC One S
- Samsung Galaxy Note
- Samsung Pocket

The variant used for each device (and orientation) is the same as the variant that will be chosen at runtime.
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So when are you going to buy the 250 other Android phones? Maybe it would be an idea to make the cloud decentralized so other developers can share their devices in the cloud. This only makes sense if you have lots of devices.

What would we need to run to create our own cloud?



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Wow, excellent!

Next step for real "cloud" benefit:
- Every device B4A-Bridge is run on calls home with device name and details like screen resolution
- Add those to a database
- Offer users the list of known device types (maybe with some sort of information about how often one is seen), and allow them to submit their design to the type(s) of their choice
- Next time a device of the same type runs B4A-Bridge, send it the design, render it, take a screenshot, send back.

Of course B4A-Bridge would have an option so that devs can enable/disable this service on their machines. But I guess many would be open to having their device flash its screen once in a while to help others :)


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Cloud testing services

Excellent work Erel, that feature will be well used by lots of people I think, I know I'll definitely use it, fantastic!:sign0142:


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Thank you all for the feedback.
Could you please add the screen resolution and density to the device name.
It will be added.

About the number of devices. The purpose of UI Cloud is to help with targeting devices with different sizes.
The list of devices should include a device from each "category". There will not be more than 5 or 6 devices (at least at the beginning).

The process is working, but when I click on generated thumbnails it's taking a very long time to display larger images
Which exact step was slow?


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Just tested this myself and it worked like a charm. I can see I need to pay greater detail to the way the screens are laid out!

Thanks Erel, good service!