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*** This is a real beta version. More "beta" than the last few updates. ***

In the last couple of years, Google made many changes to Android, quite complex, building toolchain. With a few workarounds, it was possible to keep using the older tools, but at this point we have reached their limits.

This update replaces several components of the underlying tools (AAPT2, APKSigner and AAB bundle tool).
It solves all kinds of limitations including:
  • Support for signing scheme v2, which is required when setting targetSdkVersion to 30.
  • Support for building app bundles. This type of package will be required by Google Play, for new apps, later this year.
  • Support for newer versions of SDK resources.
It can also provide some performance improvements.

These are under the hood changes. The behavior should be exactly as before.

Bundles - AAB

There is a new build bundle option:


There is no reason to build bundles (AABs) except for Google Play submissions.
You need to download bundletool.jar and put it in <android sdk>\tools\bin



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I changed "Auto Save" from "Sauvegarde automatique" to "Enregistrement automatique".

It seems that "Run AVD Manager" is not translated, I did not find it.
Checked with other languages, it is never translated.
Erel might add it.
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