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I'm happy to release B4A v10.2.

This update adds support for the latest version of Firebase, Crashlytics and Android SDK.
  • B4ASdkManager updated to support latest version of Android SDK command line tools.
  • Firebase libraries updated to support latest version of Firebase SDK.
  • OkHttp updated based on OkHttp 3.12.12.
  • Support for latest version of Crashlytics. Previous version will stop tracking crashes on November 2020: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/crashlytics-crash-reports.87510/#content
  • B4X version of KeyValueStore added as an internal library.
  • Internal libraries updated: B4XPages, B4XDrawer, B4XCollections, XUI Views and BCTextEngine.
  • Deprecated libraries removed: CustomListView (replaced with xCustomListView), Http and HttpUtils2 (replaced with OkHttp and OkHttpUtils2).
  • B4XPages template updated.
  • IDE performance improvements related to projects which use many b4xlibs.
  • New indicators to help understand the code flow with resumable subs:

I recommend switching to the latest command line tools + Android SDK. This means that you need to download a new SDK. You can keep the previous one as well.

Download instructions: https://www.b4x.com/b4a.html
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I just want to report that 10.2 broke part of my app, which is using a table within a web view, with this code:
    WebView1.LoadHtml(File.ReadString(File.DirAssets, "tablephone.html"))

The webview remains all white.

I had to revert to 10.
Are you sure that file is not empty? Read it into the variable first and then check it.
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