Other B4A v8.80 has been released


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I'm happy to release B4A v8.80. This version includes a new type of libraries named b4x libraries. b4x libraries are made of B4X code modules, general files, layout files and a manifest file. b4x libraries can be cross platform and also have other advantages over the standard compiled libraries.


  • b4x libraries: [new feature] b4x library - a new type of library
  • Auto-backups: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/new-feature-auto-backups.100010


  • Go to the code line directly from the logs: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...o-the-code-line-directly-from-the-logs.100090


  • Intent.SetPackage method.
  • Fix for wrong 'dip' scale issue that occurred in some edge cases.
  • Canvas.RemoveClip works with targetSdkVersion = 28.
  • Log correctly shows duplicate messages (relevant to Android 8+ devices).
  • Updated internal libraries: FirebaseAuth v1.06, Camera2 v1.11, XUI2D v1.02, Core v8.80 and debug libs.
  • Debugger improvements:
    - Fix for issue where resumable sub could show the wrong value for a global variable.
    - Fix for issue where the error message points to the wrong module.
  • XUI v1.90 with B4XView.EditTextHint, SetTextSizeAnimated, XUI.CreateFontAwesome and CreateMaterialIcons methods.
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements.

An email with installation instructions will be sent to all developers who are eligible for a free upgrade. Other developers will receive a renewal offer.

Note that B4J v7.0 was also released today: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4j-v7-0-is-available-for-download.100938/#content

Thank you for your help!!!


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Thank you, each time better, Happy new year!!
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Happy new year 2019. Thanks Erel, thanks every ones. You have been support me alot, from a newbie now I can develop any kind of android database App at professional level.


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Happy new year and...
thanx a lot...I think i was right when i decided to develop apps with b4a
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Happy new year Erel, i hace license for B4A, but for upgrade to 8 version i need yo pay again or only pay a balance?
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