Other B4i v1.50 has been released

Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by Erel, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Customers can download the new version from the same link as before. An email with the link will be sent as well.

    This version adds support for push notifications as well as other improvements:
    • Debugger memory handling was rewritten to avoid retaining unnecessary objects. This is very important as it can lead to different behavior between debug mode and release mode.
    • Const modifier - Allows declaring constants.
    • Performance of 2d arrays was improved.
    • #ProvisionFile / #CertificateFile attributes - Make it simpler to work with multiple provisions and certificates: http://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/managing-multiple-certificates-provision-files.48539/
    • Phone.AddImageToAlbum / AddVideoToAlbum methods.
    • iArchiver library - Zip / Unzip methods.
    • iEncryption - Cipher.Encrypt / Decrypt is compatible with B4A / B4J B4XCipher libraries.
    • iRandomAccessFile - WriteB4XObject / ReadB4XObject compatible with B4A / B4J similar methods.
    • iNetwork - Support for UDP packets (same API as in B4A / B4J).
    • Support for displaying and creating PDF documents: http://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/reading-and-writing-pdf-documents.48308/
    • Build server was updated to allow creating the keystore required for push notifications.
    • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
    If you are using a local mac builder then you should make sure to download the updated builder and update the Libs folder.
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  2. BensonHung

    BensonHung Member Licensed User

    It's so Good
  3. Planet

    Planet Member Licensed User

    thanks 1000
  4. ivanomonti

    ivanomonti Well-Known Member Licensed User

    thanks for the Christmas gift, I wish you and all the staff happy holidays Christmas and Happy New Year
  5. tuhatinhvn

    tuhatinhvn Active Member Licensed User

    thank, wait for play audio online in background :(((
  6. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    This thread is for discussions related to features included in v1.50. Non-implemented features should be discussed in the wishlist forum.
  7. DKnowles

    DKnowles Member Licensed User

    Thanks Erel!!, and I was hoping to have Christmas off, as couldn't do that bit ... Cheers and a Merry Christmas and Happy new year, support as fantastic as always.

    ps any chance of a Push Notification example as the icing on the Christmas Cake :)
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  8. little3399

    little3399 Active Member Licensed User

    HI, Erel

    Could show a tutorial about push notification using B4I V1.5? tks!
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  9. marcel

    marcel Active Member Licensed User

    Nice XMas present!
  10. Massimo Linossi

    Massimo Linossi Member Licensed User

    Great Xmas gift Erel.
    Thanks a lot and a big handshake.
  11. imbault

    imbault Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thanks Erel, any date release for UITableview???
    Repetition is the art of persuasion...

    Any way, congrats and merry Xmas Erel.

  12. wineos

    wineos Member Licensed User

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Year, Everybody!

    Erel, I am using a local Mac builder. I want to know, what means "update the Libs folder"?

    Sorry, I am still new for Mac and B4i. :p
  13. roddy

    roddy Member Licensed User

    Thanks Erel, and Merry Christmas !
  14. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    A tutorial will soon be available.

    You need to download the mac server zip file and replace the existing files with the new ones.
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  15. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Unfortunately there were several outdated libraries in the Mac builder package. If you are using a local Mac builder then you should download the package again and copy the files from the Libs folder.
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  16. Mark Turney

    Mark Turney Active Member Licensed User

    The Phone.AddImageToAlbum / AddVideoToAlbum method works great Erel. I just added the following code to my Face Flashcards apps and the displayed image saved to my iPhone 6+ gallery:
    Sub saveImg_Click
    If fcpan1.Visible = True Then
    "Image saved to Photo Album"True)
    End If
    End Sub
    Thanks Erel, and Happy Holidays!
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  17. moore_it

    moore_it Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks Erel ...
  18. fishwolf

    fishwolf Active Member Licensed User

    i have update IDE and macserver

    if i try to compile this example


    i receive this error:

    B4i line: 31
    bad receiver 
    type 'int *'

    Out: Build 
    settings from command line:
        ARCHS = armv7
        CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone
        CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR = /Users/guest/Desktop/Basic4Ios/macserver-aa Ver. 
        OTHER_CODE_SIGN_FLAGS = --keychain beta180
        PRODUCT_NAME = Intentistial
        PROVISIONING_PROFILE = 4ce62ee4-dbe4-

    === BUILD TARGET B4iProject OF PROJECT B4iProject WITH CONFIGURATION Release ===
    i suppose that the 1.10 library is updated.

    what is the problem?
  19. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Please start a new thread for this issue. Make sure to post the complete error message and to post the relevant code.
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