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Hi there

I'm exploring the new BANano framework and have ran into an error I cannot fix. I have included the source code of the project here so long.

I know I can perhaps define the enumerations inside a module but rather would like the approach to use classes instead. The issue is the BANanoMaterialCSSPositions class that is undefined.

Here is the source code of the project so far. I am creating a CSS script builder, it's not something that I need at the moment but due to the code being already existing I resoluted to port is over.

Any help will be appreciated someone willing.

Thank you in advance.


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Just compiled it with BANano 1.27 (my current unreleased work version) and except for a B4J error in your code (b = bo, where b is not dimmed) and moving the addcssfile and addjavascriptfile to Appstart as the error in the log says you should do (header can only be used in AppStart), it compiled just fine.

@Kiffi reported this nested problem last week, gave me a very simple 20 line project that reproduced the problem and it was solved under an hour. You are making an already 50+ classes library (an undertaking never been done with BAnano), so basic BANano bugs will be multiplied several times too and make it very hard to find the culprit. As I said, patience...

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