Basic4android v2.30 is released!


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I'm happy to release v2.30. This version gives access to the new UI Cloud service.

This service will make it much simpler to test how your user interface scales on different types of devices.

New features:
  • Basic4android UI Cloud
  • Designer script supports conditions (If blocks)
  • Designer script - ActivitySize keyword - returns the approximate size of the activity measured in inches
  • 7" tablet default layout values changed to match the Nexus 7 values
  • AutoScale scales Spinner text size
  • GPS library - NMEA event

All users who are eligible for a free upgrade should receive an email in the next 24 hours with installation instructions.


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Can't see how to do the update

I did get the email regarding V2.30. It takes me to the Basic4android Updates and Questions page. So far so good, but how do I do the update? I can't see any link on this page to allow me to update my versions.
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Create a new GPS object, initilise it with an event name, create a new sub using autocomplete (got to love autocomplete) scroll down to GPS and select it you will then see an option for NMEA select this and enter your GPS event name that you used when initillising the GPS object. Once the GPS starts it will trigger the NMEA event sub giving GPS "Timestamp" and "Sentence".
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Problems with new version

Sorry to spoil the party but I'm having nothing but problems with this new version.
Bear in mind that I haven't written any new code to my app and it was working perfectly!

I never installed the beta and just installed the new version yesterday and Im getting null pointer exception on adding a layout with a panel to a scrollview which is code i wrote months ago .

Also error telling me I must initialize a listview which I have Already initilaized!
This is also code I wrote months ago.

And I dont know how far these runtime errors are going to go on because that is only the tip of the iceberg, My app is about 6000 lines of code long.

Please tell me at least I can easily go back to the previous version untill this gets sorted out.

Best regards,
Ok I started a new thread on this subject...
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Lost it, please help

I set up a new computer system because of a crash and cannot find the link to download version 2.3.

Would you please re-send me the link to up date my system.

Also, being a complete newbie, would you point me in the direction needed for the windows version of basic4?

To date, this system appears to have tremendus potential and I thank you all for excellent work.

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it seems to me that the layout designer is not displaying the correct sizes. here is what is set in the layout designer.

layout (phone 320x480)
zoom 100%

If you use tools-resize to fit current will make the window 320x480. However, it you stretch it out, you get a much larger aspect ratio. It does not display 320x480 but something like 320x533. See what I mean?
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