B4J Question Compile "UI-App" to Non-UI App


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i develop non-UI libraries wich are loaded into a non-UI App.

Now i want to make a UI scaffolding for the library to test it directly with a UI.
My library class doesnt contains any jFX functions or the jFX library. So its not a real UI application.
Only the Main file handles all the UI stuff.

If i compile the Library class and add it to my non-UI app it says
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: anywheresoftware/b4j/objects/FxBA

is it possible to only compile the Lib-class to a non-ui Library without the jFX stuff?

greetings and stay safe


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Did you compile the class in a non-UI project? Are you sure? In this case the template does not contain a reference to FX.
No, i compile the Lib class in a GUI project, but want to use it in a Non-gui one. The Lib class itself doesnt contain any FX related stuff.

Best solution is to create a b4xlib. They are very simple to create and will work with both non-ui and ui projects.
I cant, because the library is loaded as a .jar during runtime with ABPlugin
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