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1) B4J CSBuilder Generator
This tool enable you to create CSBuiler for your B4A applications

2) B4A CSBuilder Generator
This tool enable you to preview what you do with B4J CSBuiler Generator

How it works ?
Launch both programs
on B4A program, your Wifi IP is visible, enter it on the B4J program to connect the applications

B4J Screen 1.png

Add node with the Node Menu.

B4J Screen 2.png

Customize each Node with the tableview properties
B4J screen 3.png

You can Cut, Copy and paste node as you want.

Every thing you do on B4J program is previewed on B4A application

You can generate B4A code with the menu File - Generate Code. The code is copied in the clipboard



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New version.

Add support for icon
  • Choose typeface (Materialicons or Fontawesome)
  • Code (enter hexadecimal, 4 characters)
b4J screen 5.png

Attach files in Post #1 updated


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New version.
  • Add toolbar
  • Real Time Code generation
  • Customize code generation
    • Var name
    • View name (for clickable node)
  • Save settings in json file
  • The code has been splitted in differents reusable modules
    • cvToolbar
      • use a picture with all icons
      • add tooltip to imageview
    • coJson
      • helper to load and save json from file/string to/from map/list
    • coValue
      • helper to get/set value from complex structure
Zip archive in post #1 has been updated

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Sergio Castellari

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First, you need to read the Erel's CharSequence/CSBuilder Tutorial

The goal of this tool is to generate the B4A's code easily.

I attach 3 examples. Use the File Open command to load them. they show how to change color, size, how to use icons, and how to make text clickable.


Now I understand !!! ... Thanks @spsp

Lets create CS in an easier way !!!! ....
Thanks for pointing out the Erel tutorial, at some point I saw it, but I didn't quite understand it.
At first I thought it was about creating Dialogues.
Excuse my ignorance.
I always learn something new!