Share My Creation Electronic Chess Board

I would like to share this project where I have used both B4A and B4R.
The board sensing part (made of reed switches and diodes is managed by a WeMos via an I2C io expansion MCP23017. The nice thing about doing it as a matrix is that you only need 8 inputs and 8 outputs (similar to the way keyboard work). Of course the esp8266 WeMos is coded using B4R. Unfortunately, using reed magnetic switches only tells you if the board is occupied but not by whom so I move all the intelligence in the android app where I basically I need to keep track of the position from the start and manage all the transitions happening on the physical board (bunch of XOR and masks..).
The UI is in the Android app is very preliminary at the moment, but it allowed me to prove the concept.
As usual I would like to thank @Erel and the entire community for all the great contents and for the prompt support!

See you tube link below.



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You achieved something which we members were just discussing,
Take B4X to new heights !

Congratulation 👍