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Could a 'Export' or a 'Save module' feature be added in the IDE?

I like to create a small demo project to test things and then once I am happy with the code I like to copy the code to my main project.

Sometimes it just as easy to copy the module to my project. I know I could just copy+paste the code between the 2 projects but I think importing the image

As shown in the image below, could there be a right hand mouse menu be added (when you right click on the module you want) that allows you to export that module and save it to the computer somewhere so we can import it into another project?


Export Module would save the module you right hand mouse on.
Add Module would be the same as clicking on Project > Add Existing Modules.


In the IDE we can click 'Project' >'Add Existing Modules' to import a module but there isn't a way to export a single module.

The only way I see to export a module is to save the project and then to find the .bas file and copy it somewhere else. It would be better to right click on it in the IDE and export the module and then import that file.