iOS Tutorial FloatLabeledEditText (iUI8)


iUI8 v1.20 includes a new view named FloatLabeledEditText. It is a modified TextField that instead of hiding the hint text when the text field is non-empty it moves it to the top.

It is implemented as a custom view. You just need to a reference to iUI8 library and then add the view with the designer (it will appear under CustomView menu).

It is based on this open source project:

Note that you need to add #MinVersion: 8 when using iUI8 library.


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Ok. It's wonderful but it's possible to have a password FloatLabeledTextField ?


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I set FloatLabeledEditText alpha to 0 and in code I use alpha animated
but it didn't work


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when i try to change view dimension, it doesnt work
You need to change the position of FLV.BaseView.

You can change the active and inactive colors with this code:
Dim no As NativeObject = FloatLabeledTextField1
no.SetField("floatingLabelActiveTextColor", no.ColorToUIColor(Colors.Red))
Dim s As AttributedString
s.Initialize("hint text here", Font.DEFAULT, Colors.Blue)
no.RunMethod("setAttributedPlaceholder:", Array(s))

hongbii khaw

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Hi all,
Can I create the floatedlabelededittext in the program instead of in designer?
Thank you.