Android Question Goal to build an app to create sound only dogs can hear (Bark trainer)


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Looking to build an app to create sound only dogs can hear.

I have barking dogs on both sides of my house. Politely talked to the neighbors three times. Each time they paid more attention to their dogs and took other measures to reduce the barking. Unfortunately, this lasted only a week or two each time. I noticed on the Android store there are some apps that claim to handle the issue via emitting an ultrasonic sound that dogs find uncomfortable. As I look through the reviews of those apps, I see they appear mostly fake/bought reviews. So even if those apps work, I don't want to contribute to their makers. Also, it may be fun to build my own and share the source with ya'll!

My research shows:
Sound frequencies > 25KHz irritate dogs.
Oh and it *seems* that most - if not all - phone speakers will not do the job in terms of frequency and/or volume, but hooked up to a high quality speaker, will. I want to test this!

So... my request is if anyone here has already made something like this and wants to help me get started and/or if you have some input or advice on how I begin? I've made some apps already with B4A but they are quite simple and with older versions.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

p.s. Stage two would be - if possible - to use a mic to detect dog barking. For now, I'll be happy to have a button I can push on my phone when I hear barking but later want to automate.


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Been there too.:mad:

I had one opposite that kept going literally all day. As I was working from home I had to move to keep my sanity - it nearly pushed me into a nervous breakdown.
YES! Exactly! I work from home and they are both little yap-yap dogs and I was going crazy!
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God is kind to me.

I felt bad when my hearing deteriorated and I had to use hearing aids.

Now my neighbour bought a dog which is very happy to bark at the time when I am concentrating on my project.

Initially I was irritated and used to stop my work till it stopped.

Now I just pull out my hearing aids.

P.s. additional benefit, wife seems to be silent too.


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Some thoughts...
  • The sample rate has to be minimum 50kHz if you want to playback a sinus signal of 25kHz.
  • As higher the signal is as lower is the volume coming out of the speakers
  • So you should use an external activ piezo ultra high frequency speaker with upto 60kHz and a build in amplifier
  • Connect it with an 3.5mm jack audio cable from your smartphone
  • But this equipment often has already a build in sinus signal
  • To test whether you smartphones soundcard can produce such an signal you can record the output via cable an check the remaining signal quality
  • Remind that a loud 25kHz signal will also damage the hearing of little children
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You may try a simple dog-whistle, the kind used to train them. That will help you to keep your lungs in good shape too :)
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As I know current-day phones support 48Khz sampling rate, so theoretically you can output 24KHz wave.
Set the Audiotrack with sampling rate at 48Khz and put one sample MAX one sample MIN one sample MAX.. in audio buffer and play it out as a 24Khz triangular(?) wave. Not sure whether the DAC and amplifier on the phone can support well on this frequency, but definitely a high power high frequency external speaker is needed to drive dogs a little bit far away. As Midimaster said I heard some little children can hear at least 23Khz.
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