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Here is the worning I get from google in my developer console
problem is that I do not know this package name com.curtiscollins.classytaxi
I use inapp builling 3 library
Anybody know what is this all about ?
We’ve detected that your package com.curtiscollins.classytaxi is not always acknowledging in-app purchases or subscriptions. 
Starting with Billing Library 2.0, all purchases must be acknowledged within 3 days or they will be automatically refunded.


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If you do not acknowledge a purchase within three days, the user automatically receives a refund, and Google Play revokes the purchase.

Does the b4a builling tutorial acknowledge purchase ? Do not understand sory
Ok if user decide to get his money back in 3 day that's his problem , what do I have to do it is not understood I am blind.
I am realy upset now

acknowledgePurchase( ) I do not find such method and not understand how to use it
who acknoledge me or the client

I am realy stupid now
 If pu.ProductId="cote_noads" And pu.PurchaseState=pu.STATE_PURCHASED Then
is this the aknowledge ?

If you could clear things out it would be nice


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Given that I have never used the in-apps...

I suppose it is understood that if within 3 days you do not give the user what he has paid (for example you have put some bonuses on sale in your game), he will be automatically refunded.

Obviously it is your app that must provide the purchased item.


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Bellow is a google officer response"
As usual ....a girl or a boy that google is keeping on the office on a bunch of $ drinking coffe all day long
....yes we will investigate your errors now is working on it
and paste some code from a user manual that others make it

I wished to have a job at google support ....they suport themselves standing on chair ....WHAT A LIFE

Hi developer,

Thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support.

I apologise for the misleading package name which you are seeing, this is the current issue in
Play Console, and the related team is now investigate the most efficient solution to solve the problem, and it should be fixed soon.

Regarding the issue you'd encountered, if you use the Google Play Billing Library version 2.0 or newer, you must acknowledge all purchases within three days. Failure to properly acknowledge purchases results in those purchases being refunded.

Google Play supports purchasing products from inside of your app (in-app) or outside of your app (out-of-app). In order for Google Play to ensure a consistent purchase experience regardless of where the user purchases your product, you must acknowledge all purchases that have a SUCCESS state received through the Google Play Billing Library as soon as possible after granting entitlement to the user.

For detailed instructions of acknowledging a purchase, please visit our technical documentations at here:

If you have other questions about using the Google Play Console, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

Google Play Developer Support


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Does this affect purchases that have never been acknowledged?

My apps haven't been updated in a while so they are probably not using the new in-app billing library altho I still see a purchase which was cancelled later but it's not clear if this is due to this 3 days period.