B4J Question jRCD2 vs XAMPP server alternatives


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I'm about to set up a MariaDB server with PHP 7.1 to allow multiple connections.
With the PC installation MariaDB came with a server program called HeidiSQL.
Not sure if that is good or not.

I want users to be able to post data to the database and also set up a webpage and direct it somehow. I'm new to this.
I've been using PHPmyAdmin which seems good, how can I use that with jRCD2, or is there better configs you recommend?

Since there's many alternatives to choose from I ball out this question to you experienced in this field.
Strengh vs weaknesses for each server config. What about ABMaterial in all this?

José J. Aguilar

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Hi ThRuST:

Not really sure about what everything you're asking.
- jRDC2 is the recommended method to access to databases.
- HeidiSQL and phpMyAdmin are programs to admin the database through web. phpMyAdmin is not related with jRCD2.

Maybe if you have more specific question...
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