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I've finished my first B4A app, an Android complement for my PC App Lipapa.

Although it's written (and commented) in Spanish, maybe it could be useful for people learning B4Abasics.

Please read the "Read first.txt" file in order to know where to put needed files.

It's my first app in the Android world, so it's not perfect (and code may be ugly), but it works really fine and does all I need.


You'll need extra files (database and cover examples) in order to it runs. These files are bigger than this web admits, so I've uploaded them in Megaupload. If this is a problem, please delete the link from here...

Full Zip with source, database example with data with 500 books, and covers (for the books in bd). Necessary if you want to run the App.


0. Install Dialogs and SQL libraries in B4A. You'll need to compile...

1. Compile from source or go to the market and install Lipapa Marte.
2. Copy lipapa.sqlite to your home folder in your Android device. Remember where you have copied it.
3. Copy INDLIPAPA to the same folder.
4. Execute Lipapa Marte and go to the middle bottom button (Configuration).
5. Select the Android path to the database (lipapa.sqlite) in the first EditText. Usually it will be /mnt/sdcard/
6. In the second EditText select the path to INDLIPAPA (including it). Usually it will be /mnt/sdcard/INDLIPAPA/
7. Third and fourth EditText are relative to books. As you haven't got these books (I never distribute copyrighted files), you don't need them
7. Confirm changes with the botom-right button.
8. Enjoy.

You can sort for a lot of fields with the fourth button (from left to right). Select the field, the ASC (ascending) or DESC (descending) state and put the "+" button. Your field appears in the list.
When you confirm the changes, Lipapa creates the "order by" clause with the list elements (order is important). You can clear the complete list and start again.

You can filter for a lot of fields with the second button. Lipapa creates like "%...%" clauses for string fields, converts boolean "S" (Yes in Spanish) in "= 1" comparisons, and any other text in "=0", and makes <= and >= compare operations for numerical fields: NUMERO (NUMBER of the book), ANNOPUBLICACION (year of first original publication) and VALORACION (your book rate).

If you press over the cover of a book, you go to the complete information in this book. There you can mark the book as read (L - LEIDO), interesting (F - FAVORITO), Abandonned (A - ABANDONADO) or corrected by read (C - CORREGIDO). Here you can also put your personal rate for the book (the pink field: VALORACION) and write your personal comments (OBSERVACIONES).

When you mke changes in the data of the book, these changes are put in lipapa.sqlite, in Libros (Books) table, additionally, the book number (NUMERO) is add to the LOG table. When Lipapa Marte for PC (the big application) imports lipapa.sqlite, it opens LOG table, loops in it and imports personal data from the books witch numbers are in LOG. This way both applications are sinchronized.

If you have got the books, you can configure previous third and fourth buttons and press over the coveer in the complete data book, ant Lipapa Marte will show you a list of applications can open it. For fb2 I work with CoolReader.

In order to put the data in lipapa.sqlite, you must work with Lipapa Marte for PC. It exports all data lo lipapa.sqlite, and it creates the folder structure with covers (of course, it works with fb2, epub, doc, pdf,... books too).

I supose you will not be interested in Lipapa Marte for PC, because it is written in Spanish, and all data is related to books in site, but, if you want it, you can download application, covers, data and manuals (all of them in Spanish) in my web: LIPAPA MARTE - Gestión de e-books en FB2. It's all free!

Finally, I would like to advice you I'm not an Android professional. This is my first program in Android envionment, and before it I haven't worked with it (I hate java, so the Erel Basic4Android is the best application I've found in a lot of time. Thank you, friend!). I've written it in two weeks, and I was learning at the same time I was programming. And I hate schemas and methodologies. I program as a hobbby, so application is disordered, bad commented and a little dirty, but it works! I could write a better application, a better code, but what you see is what you have got ;).

I hope the source can be useful to you. It works very well when you rotate the screen, it works with scrollView, sqlite, dinamical creation of screen (mixed with designed time layouts), internal storage... I think it could solve some questions you can have.

Best regards!

Nacho Asensio
[email protected]
LIPAPA MARTE - Gestión de e-books en FB2


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Upload db files into another filesharing server...

Hi Nacho!, could you upload the database file into another filesharing server? i.e. Rapidshare, etc...

Thanks you for sharing! :sign0098:


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Yo también estaría interesado en esos archivos ;)

I'm also interested in getting this files ;)


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I'll try to reup it in a few days. I have to search it. My actual version is a lot more complicated, and I don't want to share it, but maybe I can find the original version and put in 4sh or a similar web storage.

Please be patient. I'm finishing other project (minilipapa for linux) and I'm a little busy now.