Wish Open a second (passive) B4A code window


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I'm beginning with B4A and read a lot here in forum and in the help documents. There are a lot of code examples, that help me very good. But it is very uncomfortable that opening a second project in the B4A-IDE is always closing the current.

It would be very helpful to be able to open an "passiv" example B4A code in another TAB while my own code keeps open too. Now I could compare the codes or copy from one project to another. Using an external editor is not as helpful as having the code inside the B4A IDE, because the syntax highlighting helps a lot to understand the code lines of the second project.

in the programming language i used before (BlitzMax) the IDE allowed to open many code windows (tabs). They all stayed "passiv" until a "compiler directive" in the "activ main code" joint them to the current project.

Often I want to test a new activity-feature not in the main code, but start another empty project, where I heavily can experiment with the feature and optimize the design and the new functions. At the end I would like to copy the relevant code-snipplets and functions to my main activity code. Therefore I would need to open both projects for a "copying session!.
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