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Hi every body
I have recently started programing with b4a.
I have a problem at first. I cannot run final android app on my mobile.
I copy the apk file from project folder on my computer to my mobile. But when i try to install and run it, I get a security warning! When trying to run the app, I also get an error too; as u can see in the screenshot.
I use android platform 16(android 4.1.2) in b4a and my mobile is huawei p30pro (based on android 9)

I can sumulate it on the computer with avd manager but i have problem when moving final apk to my phone.

How can I solve this problem and install and run final apk on my phone and others without error and warning?

Thank you very much


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The security threat is related to the debug signing key. Switching to a private sign key will solve it.

The "old app" warning is related to low value of targetSdkVersion in the manifest editor.

Thank you.
1- I uninstalled b4a bridge from my mobile
2- I changed the target sdk in manifest to 28
3- I created an new key in private sign key tool
4- Then i recompiled and moved latest api file.

It installed but not worked correctly yet.

Then, when i run the app it showed a message "waiting for IDE debugger to connect..." And then it showed a black screen

After all I changed the debug mode to release mode o_O :)) and pressed F5 and it worked.

Thank you for your help and for solving my elementary problem. :)
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