iOS Question Provision profile and certificate do not match

Semen Matusovskiy

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Yesterday signing worked fine. But today I got a message that mobileprovision is expired.
I went to Account on Certificates were valid, so I made new profiles only.

After this I began to receive a message 'Provision profile and certificate do not match'. Can't understand what can be wrong.
For example, a profile for development.
1) I selected an option iOS App Development
2) App ID, which was before,
3) Select All certificates
4) Select all devices
and saved by previous name.

Any ideas ?

One thing confuses me. When Apple offers to select certificates, the text is following
Select the certificates you wish to include in this provisioning profile. To use this profile to install an app, the certificate the app was signed with must be included.
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I don't see my development/distribution certificates (which I did not change). Why ?


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This is a new check that was added in the latest version of B4i. It compares the certificate embedded inside the provision profile to the certificate file.

It can be disabled in the INI file. I think that it fails here because you are using multiple certificates with a single provision profile. This is not needed and not recommended.
Better to use a single certificate with a distribution profile + store profile.
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Semen Matusovskiy

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Thanx for reply. As I understood, Apple deactivated my developement and distribution certificates, because a paid period was over.
But in console certificates looked as active (expired in December).

A company paid today morning and I recreated certificates & profiles. Now works as expected.
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