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  1. MarcoRome

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    Hi here new apps for Restaurant Management:


    This is little movie ( only modules Take Away / Section Kitchen ) about Tablet 18". All Modules have 5 Apps ( Manager, Take Away, Section Kitcken, Boy delivery, App Customers, Review Restaurant ). All turn with MySQL.





    That all... fantastic B4X
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  2. Erel

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    Very nice!
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  3. MarcoRome

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    Thank you Erel.
    But B4X that is fantastic ;)
    Thank you again
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  4. HAH

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    Great, what is the printer name/model you are using in the video ?
  5. MarcoRome

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  6. azzam223

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    is this For sale
  7. MarcoRome

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    Sure. Write me in PM
  8. nso91191

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    Hello I wanna to buy u r project.
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  9. Star-Dust

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    I am curious to know how you've connected a printer / pos to an Android device

    Another curiosity, thermal printer, those that are used for the orders, you can only print text or graphics? As an image, or other special characters? There is a library or a post that talks about it?

    Thanks if you can answer me.

    P.S. A really interesting app, but how many inches is the tablet that you see in the video?
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  10. MarcoRome

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    Hi @Star-Dust .
    Send you response in english ( this is international site ).
    The Tablet is Samsung Galaxy 18,4".
    With POS Printer is possible print text but also graphics ( type barcode, pictures, etc... ) of course depend to printer.
    You can see THIS Thread or you can found also different Thread: printer

    The next time pls Open NEW THREAD
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